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"one of those
magical stories that can color your whole life, however young or old you are."

-- cygnus reviews


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becoming me
the song inspired by the book

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for unique children's gifts,

give something that means something.

with simple words and radiant pictures,

becoming me shows children how we are all connected to one another.

it encourages their natural sense of wonder, and reminds them that we live in a world of love.


what makes it unique?



becoming me is ...

"one of those magical stories that can color your whole life, however young or old you are. ...

the simple words and radiant illustrations convey the most powerful, heart-resonating truths about creation and why we are here . "

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winner, special award

best children's picture book, 2000

english association 4-11 awards


non-denominatational * multi-cultural * for ages  four to forever

endorsed by protestant, catholic, jewish, buddhist, hindu leaders (read more)


"children inherently have the desire to question our connection with the world, and this book will help them to explore those ideas in a wondrous way." 

elysian positive parenting

and positive books for children (2000)

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this book attempts to answer such questions as "where do i come from", "what is my place in the world?"   written by an american philosophy graduate, it stands up to many, many readings-each as thought-provoking and as inspirational as before.   stunning oil and acrylic paintings accompany the text.

becoming me is a creation story . with a twist.

yes, it's a creation story as told by the creator, fashioning the world from an enormous spirit of play and love.  

from it's remarkable first line, becoming me takes you on the whole journey of cosmic creation, showing you how each unique thing in the world emerges from a very big love. 


becoming me goes to the heart of all spirituality.

because it is told in such a simple, unique, and direct way, becoming me has united the praise of catholic, protestant, jewish, buddhist and hindu leaders (read more), which means it's uniquely suited for people of any faith ... or no faith at all.  and it's perfect for children of interfaith families, or anyone living in a multicultural community.

becoming me is one of the "best religious books for children"

publishers' weekly - religion bookline - 2000

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becoming me - also an ideal "new baby gift".

when a child is born, the whole world stops for a moment.  parents and friends are reminded just how extraordinary and wonderful life is. 

originally titled "the big birth", becoming me truly captures

the miracle of birth.  with each turn of the page, you see how god chooses to become all things in creation--trees and fish and birds and animals.  and then you even see the remarkable moment when god chooses to . well, click on the text below and see it for yourself .




becoming me is one of those unique childrens gifts

that will grow in meaning throughout a child's life.

this is that rare kind of book that speaks to children as well as adults.  

children will love exploring its pictures and story, and parents will reflect for years on its deeper meaning.   becoming me is an ideal support for parents who want to talk to their children about the "big picture" questions, or just to share some quiet wonder-time.


becoming me is a unique way to say that you care about a child's genuine well-being, that you want to give him or her a children's gift that really matters ... something to be enjoyed now and cherished later.  


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try becoming me for children's unique gifts and children's gifts - unique.


text © 2003-2004 martin boroson (unless otherwise noted);
illustrations © 2003-2004 christopher gilvan-cartwright
all rights reserved.

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