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5 out of 5 starswhat a lovely little book , may 24, 2000

reviewer: a reader from usa

it isn't necessary to be religious (i'm not) in order to have a sense of wonder at the universe and our place in it. this magical book, in a clear, sweet way, speaks to that sense. i think its simple language and beautiful illustrations can reach us at many levels, and i'm looking forward to reading it with my little grandson. it's a find!




angeles arrien, anthropologist

author, the fourfold way

the big bang theory in science may be an outer reminder of the spiritual depth and breadth that each of us carries in the mystery of who we are.   this compelling book bridges science and spirituality in ways that honor einstein's insight that there is really no separation between science and mysticism.

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5 out of 5 starsbrought tears to my eyes , july 6, 2001

reviewer: balense11 from los angeles, ca, usa

in brief, this is a story we can all relate to; the story of each one of our lives and our lives together. the book literally brought tears to my eyes on a few occasions (and i'm a 21 y/o guy). i recommend it to people of all ages. often, when the metaphysical conversation gets to a point that cannot be expressed, a recommendation for this book emerges. sometimes art can better express those things that defy explanation. one of my favorite books of all time! high five!


floella benjamin, writer, producer, actor

it is vital for children to understand the creation of the universe and their place in it.   becoming me goes a long way to breaking down the barriers of religious and cultural differences, allowing us to see that we are in fact "one", and it successfully attempts to answer the ultimate question, "where do i come from?"

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stanislav grof, m.d., author of the cosmic game

this is a wonderful book.   combining deep personal experience and creative imagination, martin boroson has succeeded in conveying in a simple and easily understandable form the wisdom of the perennial spiritual teachings concerning the creation of the world we live in and our own nature.

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father brett hoover, church of st. paul the apostle

bright and beautiful--a much-needed reminder for children of all ages that we are truly god's own children.

rev. nancy e. kannair, st. andrew's episcopal church, belmont, ma

a simple, charming, and profound story of god's moving and changing presence in our world . a valuable stepping stone for intergenerational conversations about god and creation.



jack kornfield, buddhist teacher, author of a path with heart

[this book is] ... the simplest and sweetest way to remind us that the divine is shining in us all the time and that "we" are ultimately, "me".

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ervin laszlo, science advisor to the director general of unesco

becoming me undoubtedly captures the emerging spirit of the 21st century.


5 out of 5 starsa must read , june 13, 2000

reviewer: lauren a. montano from ny

the title caught my eye when i saw it on my neighbor's bookshelf. as soon as i picked it up, i couldn't help but read every word of it. the words are simple, yet profound. the language was beautiful and so were the illustrations. it is a book to sit down with and read to your child, it is a book to share with a friend and it is a book to keep forever. i loved it!


5 out of 5 starsloving "becoming me" , july 16, 2000

reviewer: doug paxton from san francisco, ca united states

this is just a gorgeous book. though i can imagine it would be perfect for children, the message and reminder about "becoming me" seems even more important for adults to read. thank you for putting such a beautifully written and illustrated book together for those of us who tend to forget the simple beauty of who we are always becoming.



dom basil pennington, ocso

author of centering prayer and finding grace at the center

the paintings are wonderful, the text so seminal.  i can spend a lot of time with it.  


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rabbi sandy eisenberg sasso, author of god's paintbrush

a mystical midrash about the interconnectedness of all life, about the god in us and the us in god.



brian swimme, cosmologist

author,the universe story

we have as a resource for transforming consciousness the many profound ideas, so important, of transpersonal psychologists and other scholars.   but with becoming me we find an essential ingredient to so much serious work-the light touch and magic of the childlike.

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torrey, a pediatric nurse from denver, november 15, 2000, 5 out of 5 stars

beautifully crafted  this book is beautiful in its simplicity, in its illustration, and its message. though it is found in the religious section, it transcends traditional religion to encompass a world-view in its spirituality. literally a masterpiece, not only for the eyes, but for the soul. for any age group, race or religion.



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illustrations © 2003-2004 christopher gilvan-cartwright

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