creation story
creation story

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resources for parents and teachers

philosophy with children

read this teacher's report of her exciting work with children using the film of becoming me. download her article (.pdf) here. in the p4c approach, no answers are given--children are simply encouraged to reflect on the story and explore its puzzles, using their own imagination and thinking skills. click link above for general info.

listen to the song

singer/songwriter stefana dadas and the children of several unity churches got together to write and perform this song inspired by becoming me. the song is joyous and uplifting, encouraging children to know god by becoming fully themselves. click the link above to play the song and find out more.

faiths for a future

with a strong environmental focus, this book of the popular down-to-earth training sessions for teachers, run by the religious education and environment programme (reep), provides a range of information and classroom activities for teachers. interfaith & environmental. very compatible with becoming me. order here.

united religions initiative

an extensive resource pack especially for anyone interested in promoting interfaith understanding with children.


the amazing creation studio

this vacation church school program written by rev. diane venzera, and available through the association of unity churches, encourages creativity and group interaction. the lessons provide opportunities for children to experience their own process of creation from the conception of the idea to the final completed project.   when we are aware of the steps involved in this process we can take a more active role in choosing experiences that reflect who we really are - divine children of god.


do you have suggestions about using becoming me with children?
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