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"profound fun for all ages" -- napra review.


the mystical pictures in becoming me

take you on the whole journey of cosmic creation
-- from spirit to matter and back again.




becoming me is

"the simplest and sweetest way to remind us that the divine is shining in us all the time and that 'we' are ultimately 'me'."

-- jack kornfield

buddhist teacher

author of a path with heart


this award-winning book captures the heart of mysticism

written by martin boroson, who trained in work with non-ordinary states with dr. stanilsav grof, becoming me expresses the essence of the mystical view of reality, expressing the core mystical ideas of many different traditions.  becoming me emerged directly out of marty's mystical adventures, and with the extraordinary mystical pictures of painter chris gilvan-cartwright, has won acclaim from religious leaders of many different faiths.

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becoming me ...

"a deceptively simple expression of the nature of the divine, with breathtaking artwork."

the times, london


with each turn of the page, you see

the world emerge from brilliant color and light.

from it's first line ... "once upon a time, i was" ...

becoming me tells the story of how all things emerge from (and return to) a divine source.  you see the universe born from the divine mind -- here presented as gorgeous mystical swirls of color -- and watch all of life emerge as part of a divine desire to play ...

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"there is a mystic in every one of us,"

matthew fox has written, "yearning to play again in the universe." . [in becoming me] god, who speaks the text, is a playful lover who creates a world filled with diversity ... this nondenominational and nonsectarian work draws out the mystic in us all and affirms love as the linchpin of the universe.

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5 out of 5 starsbrought tears to my eyes , july 6, 2001

reviewer: balense11 from los angeles, ca, usa

" the book literally brought tears to my eyes on a few occasions (and i'm a 21 y/o guy). i recommend it to people of all ages. often, when the metaphysical conversation gets to a point that cannot be expressed, a recommendation for this book emerges. sometimes art can better express those things that defy explanation. one of my favorite books of all time! high five!"



a mystical parable for grownups and children ...

in the form of a children's book ...

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• one spirit bookclub - official selection




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"from rich endpapers that suggest the golden oozing goo of creation to the gloriously hued chaotic mass at its end, we sense the relationship of color, light, and sound in the cosmic creation ... [becoming me is] profound fun for all ages, a delight for anyone who enjoys pondering imponderables."

napra review

(antoinette botsford, review editor, september/october 2000)


a children's book you can grow old with ...

becoming me was designed by the specialist press of

frances lincoln ltd. in london.  frances lincoln makes high-quality illustrated books, each one printed to the highest specifications for art.  with such high production standards, becoming me is ideal to give as a gift ... the brilliant colors in its mystical pictures just pop from the page.

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becoming me is

"a wonderful book. 

... martin boroson [has] succeeded in conveying the wisdom of the perennial spiritual teachings concerning the creation of the world we live in and our own nature."

-- stan grof, m.d.
author of lsd psychotherapy and the cosmic game




english painter chris gilvan-cartwright had been painting large abstract images, trying to capture his mystical sense of “everything”, long before he met author martin boroson and his mystical parable, becoming me. after graduating from the st. martins college of art in london, chris won a royal overseas league bursary to travel to india and nepal. he began painting a series of luminous trees  ...  (read more or see chris' online gallery.)



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text © 2003-2004 martin boroson (unless otherwise noted);
illustrations © 2003-2004 christopher gilvan-cartwright
all rights reserved.

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