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becoming me gives you
the heart of hindu creation stories.

from its first remarkable line, "once upon a time, i was",
becoming me takes you on a playful journey of divine self-discovery.

an award-winning book - and now a film - that shows all of creation as a divine play. this is the core idea of hindu creation stories ... that the universe is lila -- a divine play. becoming me expresses this idea in a delightful new form ... an illustrated creation story as told by god.


says hinduism today:

"[becoming me] is a wonderful book for anyone appreciating an elegantly unpretentious expression of spirituality."

"with the fewest of words and intensely colorful illustrations, the fundamental truth that we are god unfolds page by page. ..."


(tara katir sept/oct 01)

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at the heart of hindu creation stories is the concept of divine play (lila).

the hindu creation story considers play in several different ways: one is that the universe is born from god's deep desire to play. another is that the world in which we live isn't quite as real as we think ... it's a playful illusion, all held in the mind of god. and the third is that we are part of an enormous game, the goal of which is to remember who we really are--that we are really one with god.

read the author's article on
the hindu concept of lila ... the divine play
... and how it influenced his book.


says the times (london):

becoming me is ...
"a deceptively simple expression of the nature of the divine, with breathtaking artwork."


(sarah johnson, july 12, 2000)

• bodhi tree book review - "editor's choice"

• one spirit - official bookclub selection.


becoming me brings you on

the whole journey of hindu creation stories ...

from spirit to matter and back again.

what better way to express a playful universe
than in the form of a children's book?

but more than a children's book, becoming me suggests profound spiritual truths, truths that you can contemplate at many different levels. each line and each illustration can be used for meditation.

"[becoming me is] beautifully illustrated and designed ... simply written but full of depth."

yoga and health

(september 2000)





5 out of 5 starssoul food , january 12, 2004

reviewer: charles thomas from new york

"a sweet and lovely little book, becoming me is the literary equivalent of a warm, gentle embrace. what boroson does so well here is craft elegant prose that is clear enough for children to understand- yet profound enough for adults to appreciate -the wonder of having a soul. the first time i read it, quite unexpectedly, i burst into tears, overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude. this is a book that i will return to again and again for its gentle reminder of who god is, who we are, and why we're here. "


becoming me ...

"the simplest and sweetest way to remind us that the divine is shining in us all the time, and that 'we' are ultimately 'me'."

-- jack kornfield

author of a path with heart



becoming me appeals to people of all faiths,

to children and adults.

becoming me shows you how you are just a piece of god who has forgotten your true nature ... and so is everybody else. isn't that the most important point of hindu teaching?   in spite of the many forms of creation, and the many forms of divinity, we are all from one source, and ultimately, not separate from that source. though it may appear in many forms, the truth is ultimately very simple. 


becoming me has been endorsed by religious leaders of many faiths,

as well as scientists and psychologists. it's a story you can share with your children, contemplate quietly, or give to someone you love, because ...


becoming me connects you to the deepest truth

at the heart of the universe.

becoming me helps you remember that you are always held in a divine embrace, that you are loved because you are love. we are each just small knots in the seamless field of creation.  we are never really separate from the source, and we are never really alone. 


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where did this book come from?

author martin boroson is a philosophy graduate and a student of many spiritual traditions.  becoming me came from a deep inner experience of meditation and yoga.  he says:

"one day, in a meditation, i suddenly opened into something beyond this world or that world, beyond 'down here' or 'up above'.  i felt a vibration move through my body. it was the sound om, but unlike any i'd heard or chanted before. the sound moved right through me, and became me. it vibrated each one of my cells, and it became my cells.  i found myself making different yoga asanas, spontaneously.  i had no choice but to receive that sound in these positions. and that was when i heard the first line of becoming me, in a voice that was simple and sweet, wise and childlike: "once upon a time, i was". i knew then that it was the first line of a creation story, a creation story as told by a god who was not above or beyond all things, but was the essence of all things ... a god who wants to play and wants someone to play with, and so becomes the world."

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text © 2003-2004 martin boroson (unless otherwise noted);
illustrations © 2003-2004 christopher gilvan-cartwright
all rights reserved.

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