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"one of those magical stories that can color your whole life,
however young or old you are."

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a godchild gift
that will nurture your godchild's spirituality
for years and years.

becoming me
is an award-winning story that shows how each of us is part of everything, and we are all held in divine love. perfect for parents and children to read together,
becoming me
is a children's book you can grow old with.

non-denominational - ages 4 and up

endorsed by catholic, protestant, jewish,
buddhist and hindu leaders
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what's it about?

beginning with brilliant swirling colors, becoming me takes your godchild on an enormous journey of discovery.  from the first line, "once upon a time, i was" you see how all things emerge from god's love and playful curiosity ... first trees and fish and insects and birds and animals and then ultimately ... you.



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"becoming me ... uses a tone of childlike wonder to imagine creation from the creator's point of view"

"best religion books for children"

(november 7, 2000)


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guaranteed to delight both children and adults,
becoming me was given the special award for
best illustrated children's book 2000 by the english association.

special award - best children's book 2000- english teachers' association


share the new song inspired by becoming me with your godchild.
listen to it here.



[becoming me] stands up to many, many readings-each as thought-provoking and as inspirational as before.  

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what better way to nourish a child's spirituality?

your godchild will first appreciate the brilliant, colorful pictures in becoming me.  a read-aloud book for ages four and up, the meaning of this story will deepen as your godchild grows, which makes it a perfect gift from godparent to godchild.

and becoming me is also ...


a godchild gift that parents will love too.

becoming me helps parents talk with children about all the "big" questions children like to ask.


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"a sense of mysticism and awe drifts from

the pages of becoming me.  ...  every family bookshelf would be enriched by its inclusion of a dog-eared copy of becoming me."  

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the anglican

official publication of the diocese of montreal

(carol segal, children's corner, 5/03) 

"the paintings are wonderful, the text so seminal.
i can spend a lot of time with it."
dom m. basil pennington, ocso

abbey of blessed mary of saint joseph

author of finding grace at the center

a simple, charming, and profound story ...

a valuable stepping stone for intergenerational conversations about god and creation.

rev. nancy e. kannair

st. andrew's episcopal church, belmont, ma

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and becoming me is perfect for interfaith families ...

because it expresses timeless spiritual truths in such a simple, direct way, becoming me has been welcomed by protestant, catholic, jewish, buddhist, and hindu leaders ... (read what they're saying) which makes it perfect for interfaith families, or anyone living in a multicultural community. 

becoming me will help your godchild see that everything in creation is one, learning to celebrate everything in life as a manifestation of god.



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text © 2003-2004 martin boroson (unless otherwise noted);
illustrations © 2003-2004 christopher gilvan-cartwright
all rights reserved.

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