creation myths of the world - in a new story


all the creation myths of the world tell one story ...

joseph campbell called this the "monomyth" -- the one true myth.  these truths are present at the heart of every world creation story.

what's the essence of this universal story?

says martin boroson, author of the modern interfaith creation story becoming me, "at the heart of all creation myths of the world, i believe, is the idea that we are held by something greather than ourselves, that we are living in a unvierse of love."



becoming me  "attempts to answer such questions as "where do i come from", "what is my place in the world?" 

written by an american philosophy graduate, it stands up to many, many readings--each as thought-provoking and inspirational as before.  stunning oil and acrylic paintings accompany the text." 

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becoming me is a modern creation story that speaks from the heart of all creation myths of the world

written in a way that will appeal to both adults and children, becoming me shows all of creation as an enormous process of curiosity and play.

it's an expression of love in a simple modern way, free of any specific traditions. beginning with the line, "once upon a time, i was" ... the whole thing is told from the delightful point-of-view of the creator ...


"... daring?  yes.  presumptuous?  no. 
there is a humility and simplicity--and just enough mischief--in the writing that makes it somehow plausible that the person of god has written this book, describing the enormous complexity of creation in terms of self-discovery.  ... profound fun for all ages, a delight for anyone who enjoys pondering imponderables."

napra review

antoinette botsford, review editor, sep/oct 2000


becoming me gives you the key to understanding traditional creation stories.

each page in becoming me, with a breathtaking illustration,

expresses one core spiritual theme.  you can read more about the background ideas in the deeper thinks section of this website, or share it with your friends using the free online bookgroup guide.  you can explore the common themes of all creation stories for children using the free online

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"martin boroson ... has written a vivid evocation of being.  christopher gilvan-cartwright has illustrated it with paintings of great depth and richness." 

one spirit bookclub
(august 2000)


becoming me helps you find common ground

with people from many different traditions.

becoming me unites the creation myths of the world in a way that has been endorsed by protestant, catholic, jewish, hindu, buddhist and new age teachers and press (read more) ... and even scientists and psychologists ...


"becoming me undoubtedly captures the emerging spirit of the 21st century."

ervin laszlo

science advisor to the director general of unesco

founder, club of budapest



. bodhi tree book review - "editor's choice"
. finalist, nautilus award for distinguished contribution to conscious living
. one spirit bookclub - official selection

. special award, best children's illustrated book,

the english association, uk 2000



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text © 2003-2004 martin boroson (unless otherwise noted);
illustrations © 2003-2004 christopher gilvan-cartwright
all rights reserved.

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