for catholic religious education for children


this book "affirms love as the lynchpin of the universe".


this simple, beautiful parable enhances

catholic religious education for children.

becoming me is a story of creation, with breathtaking illustrations, that shows all of creation as a process of divine play.  with each turn of the page, children will see how the world emerges from god's love. 


yes, it's a story of creation from god's point-of-view.

from it's remarkable first line, "once upon a time i was", this delightful book takes you on a journey of divine self-discovery.


"the paintings are wonderful, the text so seminal.  i can spend a lot of time with [becoming me]." 

dom m. basil pennington, ocso
abbey of blessed mary of saint joseph
author of finding grace at the center and centering prayer



becoming me is a bestselling catholic children's book

in north america (see chart)

and it has also united the praise of religious leaders of many different faiths (read more) ...  which means it's perfect for multicultural education. 

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bright and beautiful-a much-needed reminder for children of all ages that we are truly god's own children.

father brett hoover

church of st. paul the apostle


the catholic library world

"illustrated on vibrant primary colors, the spirituality of being is creatively represented through the manifestation of the "voice" of god.  unique in presentation, this tale shows how we are all connected to everyone and everything from the scope of a very big story to that of a very personal one. non-denominational and simply told, the story is open enough to present itself on many levels and appeal to all ages."   (connie thorsen dec. 2000)




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text © 2003-2004 martin boroson (unless otherwise noted);
illustrations © 2003-2004 christopher gilvan-cartwright
all rights reserved.

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