catholic first communion gifts

catholic first communion gifts



"profound fun for all ages" -- napra review.

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becoming me named one of the "best religion books for children"

publishers' weekly - religion bookline, 2000


for first communion, give something that means something.

   from its first enchanting line, "once upon a time, i was",

becoming me takes you on a delightful journey of cosmic creation.   with each turn of the page you see how we all emerge from, and are held in, god's love. 

with beautiful paintings and simple, profound words, this best-selling catholic children's book (see chart) is an ideal communion gift.



"bright and beautiful-

a much-needed reminder for children of all ages that we are truly god's own children."


father brett hoover

church of st. paul the apostle



becoming me ... "the paintings are wonderful, the text so seminal.

i can spend a lot of time with it." 

dom m. basil pennington, ocso
abbey of blessed mary of saint joseph
author of finding grace at the center and centering prayer


this book helps children understand

how we all come from god's love.

what better first communion gift?

in catholic first communion, children are taking a big step ...

consciously accepting their union with christ. so naturally you want a first communion gift that captures the sacredness of this big moment. becoming me is stunning children's book that shows, in a delightful new way, how we are all one with god.  

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this book attempts to answer such questions as "where do i come from", "what is my place in the world?"   ... it stands up to many, many readings-each as thought-provoking and as inspirational as before.   (2002)


and ... becoming me has been endorsed by leaders

of many different faiths .

with becoming me, a child making first communion will appreciate the real heart of the christian message, a spiritual truth that's also at the heart of all religions. 


which means that becoming me is ideal for the children of modern families -- people who value their faith but also want to respect the faith of others ... and it's ideal for interfaith families, or anyone living in a multicultural community. 

read what religious leaders of other faiths are saying about becoming me by clicking here.


the catholic library world

"illustrated on vibrant primary colors, the spirituality of being is creatively represented through the manifestation of the "voice" of god.  unique in presentation, this tale shows how we are all connected to everyone and everything from the scope of a very big story to that of a very personal one. non-denominational and simply told, the story is open enough to present itself on many levels and appeal to all ages."  

(connie thorsen dec. 2000)


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