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buddhist creation story.


becoming me "affirms love as the lynchpin of the universe"

-- spirituality and health magazine

bodhi tree book review - "editors' choice"

one spirit bookclub - official selection

this modern creation story has a big buddhist heart.

written by a longtime student of zen , becoming me brings together

buddhist, hindu, jewish and christian creation stories in a delightful new way ...

in becoming me, you see how all things emerge from a divine source--a source that is always present, always here, and always eager to play.

a children's book you can grow old with


becoming me is "the simplest and sweetest way to remind us that the divine is shining in us all the time, and that 'we' are ultimately 'me'."

jack kornfield

buddhist teacher

author of a path with heart


becoming me is featured in
"what is enlightenment?"


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becoming me is "profound fun for all ages,

a delight for anyone who enjoys pondering imponderables."

napra review

antoinette botsford, review editor

september/october 2000 (read full review)

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so what's a buddhist creation story?

in buddhist philosophy, there is no beginning and no end. there is only now, a moment by moment awareness of the present.  so how can there be buddhist parables of creation?  how do you tell a story with no past and no future, no beginning and no end?

says author martin boroson:

"well, i cheated a bit. to tell a story you need a narrator, so becoming me is told by a divine source that is infinite and eternal (in other words ... right here and now). and it begins with the line 'once upon a time, i was' ... which of course really means 'beyond time and space, i am'. becoming me is buddhist in that it suggests we are passing forms that have emerged from formlessness, but ultimately, form and formlessness are the same."


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becoming me

"... a deceptively simple expression of the nature of the divine, with breathtaking artwork."


the times, london

sarah johnson, july 12, 2000


a perfect buddhist book for children

and adults to share together ...

becoming me was written by martin boroson, a philosophy graduate from yale and transpersonal psychotherapist, who explored many different spiritual traditions before taking zen buddhist vows. in writing this book he worked to marry the heart of the dharma with the teachings of other faiths.

becoming me reaches beyond traditional buddhist parables or buddhist creation stories to express buddhist principles in a fresh, new way. it's a buddhist creation story that is free of religious jargon and captures the heart of every faith. 


becoming me undoubtedly captures

the emerging spirit of the 21st century.

ervin laszlo

science advisor to the director general of unesco

founder, club of budapest



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the bodhi tree book review

"editor's choice"

here's a vibrant swirl of words and pictures that illustrates how we all originate from a single source energy. actually, though [becoming me] conveys a sophisticated concept, it is expressed in a delightfully innocent way. ... indeed, though it is described as appropriate for ages four and up, we believe grown-ups will take pleasure in the story as well.



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text © 2003-2004 martin boroson (unless otherwise noted);
illustrations © 2003-2004 christopher gilvan-cartwright
all rights reserved.

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