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-- "profound fun for all ages" -- napra review


we need altered states of consciousness ... and here's why ...


responsible exploration of altered states of consciousness can

make us more open, more compassionate, more creative, and more flexible.  by exploring altered states of consciousness we can deepen our spirituality, discover new ideas about life, and even solve intractable problems. 


but being an 'altered states' adventurer

can be hard going ...

how do you bring your experiences out there into this world?

your friends and family may not appreciate where you're coming from, what you're looking for, or what you've found. 

this is one of the hardest parts of being a "psychonaut": how can you put into words your extraordinary realizations and magnificent visions? 




becoming me is 

" a deceptively simple expression of the nature of the divine, with breathtaking artwork." 

the times, london
july 12, 2000. 


here is a book, based on altered states, that expresses the deepest mystical understanding of reality.

in becoming me, martin boroson distills years of altered states research

into into a simple, profound story that everyone can appreciate.

marty studied philosophy at yale, trained in transpersonal psychology, and has helped thousands of people experience deep altered states of consciousness for healing and personal growth.  to write this altered states book, he drew on his own explorations, the experiences of his clients, and his training with dr. stanislav grof, one of the world's leading experts in altered states of consciousness.


says stanislav grof, m.d., author of

lsd psychotherapy

[becoming me] is a wonderful book. 

combining deep personal experience and creative imagination, martin boroson [has] succeeded in conveying in a simple and easily understandable form the wisdom of the perennial spiritual teachings.

a companion for the whole journey through altered states.

this book manages to distill so much about the spiritual path that it can support you in your entire journey through altered states of consciousness ... a companion at whatever stage you find yourself (or lose yourself).  you can meditate on one page at a time, or read the whole story through as a kind of psychedelic bedtime story.  you will undoubtedly recognize many of your experiences in its pages.


from rich endpapers that suggest

the golden oozing goo of creation to the gloriously hued chaotic mass at its end, we sense the relationship of color, light, and sound in the cosmic creation.  ... profound fun for all ages .... a delight for anyone who enjoys pondering imponderables. 

napra review

(sept/oct 2000)


becoming me conveys the extraordinary depth, passion

and love of the mystical worldview. 

because its language is so simple and direct, you can share it with your children (and even your parents).  it's a wonderful starting point for any discussion about your experiences and true beliefs. 

(because its teaching is universal, it has even united the praise of leaders of many different faiths. read more)


a touchtone for your altered states adventures ...

open up to a page of becoming when you're in (or coming down from) an altered state, and the deep meaning of the text and the brilliant colors of the paintings will speak to you all the more powerfully.  when you're back in the ordinary world, becoming me is a great reminder of where you traveled, and how non-ordinary this world really is.  chris gilvan-cartwright's images capture all the light and vibration and color and play of the experience of altered states. 


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spirituality and health magazine

"there is a mystic in every one of us," matthew fox has written, "yearning to play again in the universe."  ... here god, who speaks the text, is a playful lover who creates a world of diversity.   ... [becoming me] draws out the mystic in us all and affirms love as the linchpin of the universe.


this book confirms how valuable altered states can be ...

says author martin boroson:

"the idea for becoming me came during a deep meditation, a climax to many years exploring altered state of consciousness.  the fact that becoming me has appealed to buddhist, catholic, protestant, jewish, hindu and new age leaders, as well as scientists, psychologists, and atheists, suggests to me that by exploring altered states of consciousness in a responsible way, we can each experience the eternal truths at the source of each religion.  these truths are timeless, and they are beyond what any particular tradition has done with them.  that is the great gift that altered states of consciousness can offer us:  the possibility to refresh our spiritual vision, and keep our understanding alive and vibrant."


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text © 2003-2004 martin boroson (unless otherwise noted);
illustrations © 2003-2004 christopher gilvan-cartwright
all rights reserved.

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