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becoming me
the song inspired by the book

written and performed by stefana
(c) s. stefana dadas, 2004

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the story of the song

rev. linda a. morrow spencer chose becoming me � the book � as the focus for a "family day" at her church, unity of santa barbara. she asked singer/songwriter stefana dadas, a member of unity, to create a song especially for this day.    

stefana worked with unity's youth group to devise becoming me, which they performed together for the congregation in august 2004.

while the song's lyrics are different from the book, both share the themes of love, creation, oneness, greatness and becoming ourselves.

stefana's spirited song conveys a major part of the book's message: as we each become fully ourselves, we discover more of our divinity. or, in other words: as you are becoming divine, the divine is becoming you.

stefana's "becoming me" was such a hit at unity that she featured it on her new cd of inspirational pop/r&b -- come as you are -- accompanied by children from unity santa barbara, los angeles, and cleveland.

children of unity santa barbara performing "becoming me" at the cd launch with stefana.
photos: jim steinfeldt

song credits

written by: stefana
lead vocals: stefana
produced by : chris julian and stefana

backing vocals:
eileen seals and ... elias curranmoore, aaron dadas, rachel dadas, kelsey fernandez, ijau henson, tynia henson, forrest best hooser, dominique nicholas, chelsea schmid, hannah sener, kelley sener.

© s. stefana dadas, 2004

song lyrics

long before i could make noise
see somehow deep inside i heard this voice say
let your light shine
then growing up i often found
you were there like my shadow hangin' around
and somehow i would feel safe and sound while

i'm becoming me, oh, i am becoming me
i'm becoming me, oh, i am becoming me

everyday i learn so much
i got big dreams and plans to live and have fun
and i'm gonna work for all i want
but when plans switch on me and change
then i need remember you and have faith
that together we'll help me to find my way while

i'm becoming me, oh, i am becoming me
i'm becoming me, oh, i am becoming me

to become myself
i need to be free
true to myself, accepting
be the best that i can be
i'll have to challenge all my fears
i may have to shed some tears
i will see my purity
and then i'll be me
i'm here to make a difference
we are all unique
we all have creativity
understanding, personalities
assets and strengths
cuz we all shine differently

i'm becoming me, oh, i am becoming me
i'm becoming me, oh, i am becoming me

© s. stefana dadas, 2004


text © 2003-2004 martin boroson (unless otherwise noted);
illustrations © 2003-2004 christopher gilvan-cartwright

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