1st communion gifts

1st communion gifts


"an ideal gift" -- the irish times.

"one of those magical stories that can color your whole life,
no matter how young or old you are" -- cygnus reviews

for 1st communion gifts,
give something really meaningful.


becoming me is a beautful spiritual children's book
that shows how we are all one with god ... making an ideal gift for 1st communion.

"best religion books for children"
publishers' weekly religion bookline, 2000

what's it about?

becoming me is a story of creation ... as told by ... the creator.  from it's first enchanting line, "once upon a time, i was", becoming me takes you on a delightful journey of cosmic creation. with each turn of the page, with simple words and "breathtaking" pictures, you see how we emerge from god and are held in god's love.  

"a deceptively simple expression of the nature of the divine, with breathtaking artwork."

the times, london
sarah johnson, july 12, 2000


why is it perfect for first communion?

in making their 1st communion, children are taking a big step to spiritual maturity. that's why you want first communion gifts that truly capture the sacredness of this moment, a 1st communion gift that they can enjoy today but reflect on for many many years.



"this book stands up to many, many readings-each as thought-provoking and as inspirational as before." 

children's books of ireland
recommended reading guide (2002)




becoming me is now available from:



the paintings are wonderful, the text so seminal.  i can spend a lot of time with it.

dom m. basil pennington, osco,
abbey of blessed mary of saint joseph, author of centering prayer

becoming me is "a simple, charming, and profound story ...

a valuable stepping stone for intergenerational conversations about god and creation."

rev. nancy e. kannair

st. andrew's episcopal church, belmont, ma

becoming me is "bright and beautiful-

a much-needed reminder for children of all ages

that we are truly god's own children."

father brett hoover

church of st. paul the apostle



the anglican

official publication of the diocese of montreal

"a sense of mysticism and awe drifts from the pages of becoming me.  ... this small book says much in few words.  every family bookshelf would be enriched by its inclusion of a dog-eared copy of becoming me."   read full review

(carol segal, children's corner, 5/03) 


now you can order becoming me -- a first communion gift that will last a lifetime -- from:



becoming me has been endorsed by leaders

of many different faiths .

with becoming me, a child making 1st communion will appreciate the spiritual truths that are at the heart of all religions, which means that ... 

becoming me is ideal for the children of interfaith families -- and all those who wish to encourage interfaith understanding, or live in a multicultural community. 


read what leaders of different faiths are saying




listen to ...

becoming me

the song inspired by the book

written and performed by stefana
(c) s. stefana dadas, 2004

listen here

children of unity church santa barbara, performing in stefana's song,
becoming me, inspired by the book.

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now you can buy becoming me - a first holy communion gift -from:




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